We would like to let you know that we will be terminating our transportation services to you. Our projected final day will be March 15, 2017. We appreciate the work you have provided for us over the past few years. The following statement gives detailed information behind this decision.

David H. Martin Excavating, Inc. is adding an environmental division to its operations. In addition, DHM will be absorbing a segment of Generation Trucking, Inc., a related company. DHM will also continue its annual growth of 5-10 positions. This is all a result of an intense re-structuring and continuous improvement program the company launched in 2013 in response to the financial downturn that forced the closing of so many construction companies. Over the past 4 years, the company overhauled its entire operation, accomplishing a strong recovery and creating an efficient, healthy, and financially secure company.

As of March 15, Generation Trucking, Inc. will suspend its operations. DHM will absorb and continue a portion of the transportation company within a newly formed DHM transportation division. These changes will result in eliminating approximately 35 transportation positions and adding 15 environmental positions. In addition, the company expects to add supervision, equipment operator, and laborer positions throughout the spring and summer.

The new environmental division will provide expert, professional management of the environmental impacts on construction sites for commercial, industrial and residential projects within the tri-state area. The environmental control aspect of site work is necessary, and has become more complicated as the industry has taken steps to assure respect and protection of the soil, erosion, waterways and habitat.

David H. Martin Excavating is a third-generation company formed in 1968, based in Chambersburg, PA that performs excavation, utility, and environmental construction projects in PA, MD and WV. The company currently employs 210 workers.

Kirk Martin, President of David H. Martin Excavating, said, "We work hard to make this a place where employees feel good about their work, and customers can count on getting their jobs done right. Every day our team looks for ways to improve. We have learned it is important to focus on the things we do best. Because of this, we have been able to create jobs and contribute to the community."